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At Aurora Language Services we offer a full range of interpreting services using a trained team of professionals who interpret in over 150 languages.

We assist companies of all sizes and industry sectors by offering a specifically tailored interpreting service so that you can communicate across the globe.

We help improve the communication strategies of our clients so that their message can be understood.

Whether your requirements are to communicate to your market or to your foreign business counterparts, we provide cost effective language translation solutions for businesses worldwide. We also work with individual clients, translating and interpreting personal and professional documents such as birth and marriage certificates.
At Aurora Language Solution, we tailor our interpreting and translation services to meet your individual requirements. From a face-to-face meeting to an urgent translation request, we specialise in building the right solution for you. We offer interpreters and translators experienced in more than 150 languages to ensure you receive the exact cultural, dialect, and verbal or written communication you need!
Our interpreting and translation services have been perfected to deliver exceptional results to every client. Aurora Language Solution offers the following interpreting and translation services to help you convey each message with the utmost care and accuracy
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Translation Services

  • Business Translation
  • Document Translation
  • Financial Translation
  • Legal Translation
  • Marketing Translation
  • Medical Translation
  • Patent Translation
  • Pharmaceutical Translation
  • Software Translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Website Translation
Interpretation Services

  • Conference interpreting
  • Court interpreting
  • Business interpreting
  • Simultaneous interpreting services
  • Consecutive Iterpreting services
  • Healthcare interpreting
  • IME (Independant Medical Evaluation)
  • Workers Compesation Cases



When manufacturing, marketing and selling products to a global audience, you need a translation partner you can trust.  We’ll translate your user manuals, training materials, operating instructions and product catalogs so that your non-English speaking customers and employees have access to the information they need in the language they understand.  Reduce time-to-market and ensure the consistent delivery of culturally appropriate information across all channels.
A partnership with us means you never have to worry about languages getting in the way of patient care.  All of our medical interpreters have successfully completed a healthcare interpreting assessment that measures language proficiency, interpreting ability and knowledge of medical terminology.    Face-to-face interpretation available  in over 200 languages.



During a trial or court hearing can be one of the most important and delicate times for many of our clients – particularly where there is a language barrier to overcome. Ensuring that the exact wording, context and meanings are maintained throughout the interpretation is paramount to the efficient resolution and accurate representation of evidence and facts.
Having worked within the legal sector for over ten years, we understand how this vital service can affect lives and our dedicated and qualified court interpretation team are devoted to providing a precise, accurate and detailed service to ensure efficient representation is maintained at all times.
Our interpreters are available across all languages, able to attend hearings in all parts of central PA region, and can offer an unrivalled level of professionalism and confidentiality for all clients.
For the ultimate flexibility, our court interpreters are available to work on both short and long-term cases. If you are looking for a quality interpreting agency contact our team to discuss your needs and to book a trusted court interpreter with confidence.
  • Strictly adhere to the Professional Code of Conduct for Interpreters.
  • Are familiar with and have an understanding of the use of medical terminology and have the professionalism to convey information in a clear and accurate manner.
  • All interpreters have sufficient experience (min 25 hours+) of interpreting in a health care setting, police setting or other public sector setting.
Interpretation IME Translation Workers Compensation Independent Medical Evaluation